Great-Grandmas Recipe Book


Great-Grandma's Recipe Book

One of my greatest lessons in natural health was being shown my great-grandmother’s personal recipe book by my grandmother. This great little Danish lady, Martina Geneva Jensen Gee, was a leader of her church’s local women’s organization for over 29 years, which meant caring for the sick, new mothers and the elderly.

In her recipe book, I found recipes for colds, chilblains, and other ailments next to her recipes for pot roast, mustard pickles, and cherry-filled cookies.

The Herbmasters Blog is entitled “Great-Grandma’s Recipe Book” as our homage to the pioneers of the past, who weren’t afraid to whip up their own remedies. They used the items in their pantries to do so – roots and leaves and fruits and other items that worked effectively and safely.

In our weekly (and more frequently) blog posts, we will draw from your comments whenever possible to create subject matter. We also welcome your contributions of home and folk remedies, or even just a great old-time recipe that you would like to share. We will draw from all of these things to create a weekly email that you will actually look forward to receiving, so don’t forget to join our mailing list.

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Martena and Urvin Gee