Better Eyesight Naturally

On my last visit to an eye doctor to have my eyeglass prescription updated, in addition to the astigmatism and near-signtedness I already new about, I was informed that I have the beginnings of a cataract forming on my right eye. I also learned that this usually does not happen until a later age, but to me it seems that any age would be unacceptable. And like any other non-healthy condition, since the body’s natural state is health, then there should be a way to provide our bodies with the nutritional tools necessary to restore a better state of health.
With that in mind, I decided to research and then undertake a process to reverse the cataract, and while I’m at it, see how much I can improve my vision as a whole.
To keep this article short and simple, I’m going to hit the highlights, and if you wish to do more research, that is easy to do.
1) Needed nutrients: Vitamins A,C,E, Zinc, Selenium, Bioflavonoids, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
2) Foods rich in part or all of these nutrients: Leafy green vegetables, bilberries, citrus fruits, grapes, northern fish, raw almonds, sunflower seeds, squash, carrots. Eat plenty of these and reduce your intake of most animal foods.
3) Supplements: Use easily assimilated sources of vitamins and minerals, consume extra of the nutrients listed above, I am using Ocuvite from Bausch and Lomb, and Super Zeaxanthin from a company called Life Extension.
4) Other Processes: Eye Wash, NAC drops, Pin Hole glasses.
A) Eye Wash–I use an Eye Wash Formula from Dr. Christopher Herbs that is quite strong, and actually includes cayenne pepper. While this seems like a hellacious thing to do to your eyes, aside from maybe thirty seconds of discomfort, it is actually very invigorating. I mix the formula with water, and apply using an eye cup. (Note: We do offer an Eye Wash Powder and Eye Cup combination available from our office).
B) NAC Drops–Research has been done using a naturally occurring amino acid combination called N-Acetylcarnosine with cataracts and glaucoma. While the results are encouraging, they are not definitive. I’ve been unable to find any indications of contra-indications with them. The best conclusions I have been able to reach for myself are that they may prevent the progression of a cataract, and may also reverse it, and are unlikely to cause short or long-term damage. I am using a version of this product from Vision Clarity, although there are several brands available online.
C) Pin hole glasses–These glasses replace a lens with a perforated black plastic panel. Looking through the pin holes exercises the eyes, and will actually make objects become more clear without using your corrective lenses. Wearing them for 15 minutes per day and using your eyes for reading or watching tv, or while on a walk provides the proper exercise which is intended to strengthen the eyes. (Note: I am researching some additional exercises one can do to strengthen eyes as well, but am not yet adopting anything there.)
Conclusion: I am reporting on a process that I have adopted for myself, not recommending a specific regimen for any other person. As an herbalist, I am willing to try things on myself first after doing the research and determining what I believe to be safe and efficacious.
(I am also going to be making a bilberry extract with some other circulation-stimulating herbs added.)
My expectation is that I will see improvements gradually with my overall vision, and am hoping also for a reversal of the cataract. This will probably take several months to happen, but I will report on anything significant that occurs. I have also discovered that there was a fair amount of activity in natural vision improvement in the early 20th century which kind of receded as a movement, but has somewhat revived in more recent years. I have a book called “Strengthening the Eyes” written by Bernarr Macfadden published in 1924 which shows exercises, etc., for natural vision improvement. He claims that “eyeglasses are eye crutches–nothing else.” My personal belief is that we as a society have accepted marketing as science, and need to examine each condition to determine what is truth and what is marketing.
May your health be your greatest wealth. Dallin–The Herbmaster1175691273901868

Herbal Deodorant–It’s not just what you put INSIDE you…

We call it Wholistic health for a reason, we’re concerned about what goes inside, but also what we contact on the outside. I have tried a variety of alternatives to the aluminum chlorohydrate antiperspirants that people slather around under their arms without any thought to the fact that this is the same aluminum that has potential links to cancer and alzheimer’s. My experiments range from simply eliminating the aluminum by using a “deodorant” instead of an “antiperspirant,” to more natural brands, like Tom’s of Maine (somehow Maine just seems too remote to have bad ingredients), and the Thai deodorant sticks. I kind of like the Tom’s product and the Thai stick, but neither is something I can rave about, and somehow I think that our morning rituals should be something that sends us off into the world feeling GREAT about ourselves, and I believe that a deodorant should supply you with a long-lasting positive experience that you can be excited about.
I like to share some of my experiences as they are happening, and this week, you are going to be exposed to at least two, if not three of those experiences. I’m going to provide you with a really terrific link on making natural deodorants, then later this week I will provide you with my regimen for reversing a cataract, and then I’m going to introduce the pain and nerve extract that we created at a recent herbal hour. Fun stuff, right?
So on to the Herbal Deodorant. I found a terrific website/blog called Crunchy Betty. I think it might be love at first sight, since she has a great name for the site, uses a 1940′s pinup girl cartoon as part of her logo, and then introduces her “crunchy” home remedies in her own inimitable style. The location I want you to visit is: She offers a DIY coconut oil deodorant that uses essential oils to create a lasting positive aroma, oils like ylang ylang, sweet orange, and tea tree. It’s a simple recipe, and Crunchy Betty also gives alternative versions of the recipe in some of the links on the page. She then provides a follow-up that includes her journal entries while using the product and comments from readers. It looks like the only concern is that underarm skin is delicate, and you need to start mild, and for ladies, probably not apply the deodorant immediately after shaving until you have determined just how sensitive your own little pits are. Sounds like reasonable precautions to me.
So I have determined to make some of this product myself. If you decide that you also want to do so, I have the most fantastic essential oils available from a company called doTerra, they are the only certified therapeutic grade oils on the market.
I will supply an update after using this product for a while, and I intend to create a scent that is slightly more masculine and sporty for my own use, which will likely use some lime, lemon grass, a hint of peppermint, and some tea trea oil. Either this will be a great combination, or I will end up smelling like a sanitized snack bar offering Sprite and candy canes. Either way, I think it will be nicer than no deodorant. And thanks to Crunchy Betty, love your site!

Natural Deodorant Ingredients

Natural Deodorant Ingredients

May your health be your greatest wealth. Dallin–The Herbmaster

Winning or Losing the Health Game

Americans as a whole are very competitive. Even if you do not consider yourself to be competitive by nature, there are some areas that we all want to win, and see others win, such as the battle for a long healthy life. But Americans are losing that battle at a higher rate than other countries, and a higher rate than is necessary. Let me share with you some sobering statistics.
While the United States represents only 6% of the world’s population, we consume 45% of the world’s prescription medications and are #1 in medical expenditures. So we should be the absolute healthiest nation on earth. NOT SO!!! We are 37th in the world in overall health, and LAST among developed nations in limiting preventable deaths. With apologies to many dedicated professionals in the medical field, WE HAVE FAILED OUR PEOPLE! For many whose lives could have been saved or their health bettered, we have already lost the battle. But for the present, and the future, we do not have to fail, or lose. We can change, and we are changing. How rapidly is up to us.
Our people recognize that one choice health care, what we call traditional medicine does not work. Our government has realized that it does not work, and whether you like all that the bill includes, Obamacare does offer more options for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). And the people are speaking that they like this approach, with Consumer Reports documenting in 2011 that 38 million Americans made over 300 million visits to complimentary and alternative practitioners.
Since you are reading this blog, the chances are good that you are already among that 38 million people who accept CAM approaches as valid and useful. So now I’m asking you to spread the word. There is strength in numbers. If 38 million people do just one thing more to exercise preventive health, we will save lives and improve lives. If 38 million people get just one more person to take greater personal responsibility for their health, and to research CAM alternatives, the number will grow to 76 million Americans. If 38 million Americans formally ask their employers to research health programs that educate and challenge employees to preventive health measures, then tens of thousands of companies will begin to clamor for a different approach to health insurance, and the power of those dollars will drive new initiatives. If 38 million people pass along better health practices and prevention to their children, then preventable childhood onset illnesses will diminish and we will raise a healthier new generation. If 38 million people help family members reduce prescription medications and surgeries through better nutrition, supplements, and visits to chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, herbalists, nutritionists, physical therapists, and many other valued professional disciplines within the CAM universe, then our country can move from 37th in overall health to a much higher number. Reaching #1 in this category isn’t even in the same ballpark as winning the world series or the super bowl, because winning here is saving lives and improving lives. In fact, as The Herbmasters slogan states: “Health is our Greatest Wealth,” and that makes it more important than improving the economy.
I would like to propose that right now, today, you swear to do the following things, starting now:
1) Pledge to OWN your own health and to positively influence your entire family;
2) Commit to SHARE whenever possible to other people that they have health choices available;
3) ACT in your community to demand more preventive choices (your company, your local government, your local supermarkets, your local farmers markets, your churches and social organizations, etc.)
So let’s boil this down to three words to remind you of what this commitment entails: OWN, SHARE, and ACT! We can all remember that!
Recently I have been in communication with a company called WMC Business Services, They identify themselves as an insurance and financial consulting agency, but the thing that impressed me most about their organization is that they are working with businesses to contain their health insurance costs by promoting the use of preventive and CAM services. The provide programs that can save businesses money through educating and promoting preventive measures and non-invasive treatments, a kind of a “health before hospitals” approach. As they expand their reach throughout the U.S., I see a major revolution coming, and soon, in what employees should be expecting from their companies, and what employers can expect from their employees in terms of health insurance. I encourage you to check out what they are offering, especially the videos that explain more about these types of services.
Within this coming year, each of us will inevitably be touched by Obamacare changes. May I suggest that you learn how to work the system to gain more access to complimentary and alternative medicine? Do it now, because your health is your greatest wealth!–Dallin–The Herbmaster

Choose Complimentary and Alternative Medicine

Choose Complimentary and Alternative Medicine


Perhaps I should wait till Halloween for this post, but as I look out on a snowy day, and thinking about spring, an herbalist’s heart naturally turns to–SPRING CLEANING! Yes, there’s something about getting your body clean inside that just feels exciting. Recently I posted the Liver Cleanse particulars, so today I am going to post information on Parasite cleansing.
I have some good news and some bad news. First the bad news. Everyone has parasites (freeloaders) in their system, lots of them, most of them microscopic. Next some good and bad news combined. Some are healthy, and some are not. Among the healthy parasites are aerobic bacteria with names like acidophilus and bifidus that we now commonly refer to as probiotics. They survive from things that we consume, but they also symbiotically destroy colonies of anaerobic bacteria that are connected with disease conditions. And finally the good news–it is possible to decimate or eliminate unhealthy parasites.
Unhealthy parasites come in different kinds, shapes, and sizes. In addition to microscopic bacteria and viruses, fungi, amoebae, and there are much larger parasites including various worms and flukes. And like I said before, some of them are residing on the inside and/or outside of your body.
Now for the kind of creepy Halloweeny part of this post. Our bodies are about 75 to 80% water, and like all bodies of water, our bodies are affected by the gravitational pull of the moon which produces high tides and low tides. Ships must be cognizant of these high and low tides, especially at the time of the full moon, as these tides can beach their craft. But a funny thing happens at the time of the full moon with regard to parasites–they become more active and are at the peak of their reproductive cycle.
You’ve heard the term “lunatic” before, and probably recognize the term “luna” meaning moon as the root. Although the horror story market has made full use of the full moon effect with werewolves, it turns out there is a grain of truth included here–when parasites are very active, they release more toxins into our bodies, which make people act a little bit “crazy.”
So let’s bring this back to a more practical level. The reason I’ve shared the above information with you is to let you know that if you’re not happy having parasites in your system and would like to eliminate them, you have to know their habits, and what to do to drive these parasites out.
There are many great herbal products and essential oils that are effective in eliminating harmful parasites. They are not poisons like the worm medicines that are available to de-worm pets. These herbs and oils do not kill anything. They simply help to change the environment inside us so that the unhealthy parasites must either leave or perish.
In our offices, we like working with products that are direct, but balanced. These products help to oxygenate and alkalyze the body systems, providing the perfect environment for aerobic/probiotic bacteria, which is too healthy for the unhealthy parasites to survive in.
A brief list of herbs that can be used individually or in combination for parasite cleansing would be: Black Walnut Hulls, Wormwood, Diatomaceous Earth, clove seed, ginger root, olive leaf, milk thistle, Pau D’arco bark, turmeric, and herbal pumpkin.
For an effective parasite cleanse, begin a few days prior to the upcoming full moon, and continue taking supplements until several days after a full moon. In addition to herbal supplements, a careful diet consisting of almost entirely whole plant foods, and the elimination of sugar, dairy, white flour, and a reduction of meats is also in order. It may require repeats for a few months around the full moon to really eradicate the pests.
Effective oils for use in parasite cleansing include oregano, thyme, fennel, Roman chamomile, lavender, melaleuca, and clove. Oils can be effective when applied topically or diffused and inhaled, and many oils are safe for consumption in very small quantities of a few drops.
I’d like to conclude by reminding you that these bothersome critters are not the cause of disease. We create a disease condition through either the ingestion of toxins, or a deficiency of required nutrients, or both. The little nasties simply come along when we have created an environment that is fun for them to party in, and they will leave when we clean up the environment and make wise choices with our nutrition, health, and supplements. Protect your health, it is your greatest wealth!microorganisms

Liver/Gallbladder Cleansing

Liver/Gallblader Cleansing
By Dallin Wall

The liver is an essential organ in the body, which, among its 500+ diverse functions, is the detox center for body systems. With our exposure to environmental toxins from food, water, and air, this system is often overloaded and can create a variety of illnesses throughout the body. Directly beneath the liver is the gallbladder, a storage warehouse for bile, an essential digestive fluid for breaking down fats. Bile is manufactured in the liver and secreted by the gallbladder into the small intestine. Some toxins, especially unusable minerals are also dumped through the gallbladder into the intestinal tract for disposal. These minerals and toxins can build up, forming sludge or solidifying into gallstones, blocking the gallbladder, resulting in poor digestion, and ultimately, gallbladder attacks. Periodic cleansing can reduce the chance of many liver related illnesses and the need for surgical removal of the gallbladder. The three critical elements of cleansing are conditioning, fasting, and expulsion.

Conditioning is the process of preparing the body to cleanse, and also softening and dissolving gallstones for easier expulsion. It can extend for a period as short as one day or as much as three weeks or longer. We encourage at least a week of conditioning. It consists of drinking unfiltered apple juice or any citrus juice at least once per day, preferably evening time with a table spoon of lemon juice and a table spoon of extra virgin olive oil added. Adding a quarter teaspoon of ginger power provides some extra stimulation and protection for the liver. Taking a couple of ginger capsules through the day and a couple of parsley capsules will also help with conditioning.

Fasting is the process of emptying the digestive tract, essential in reducing the body’s response to cleansing toxins. In other words, a one-day fast will tend to ease the expulsion process so you feel less discomfort. Begin the night before you plan to enter the expulsion phase. Drink your apple juice “cocktail” before going to bed. The following morning, begin with a system cleansing drink—it’s a big one. Sixteen to thirty-two ounces of water, as much as you can drink, with 1-2 tablespoons of salt, 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, 2-3 tablespoons of pure maple syrup, and 2-3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Drink as much as you can within a few minutes time, and stay near a bathroom for an hour or so. Let your body clear out as much waste as possible. Throughout the day drink only purified water or unfiltered apple juice.

Before going to bed, drink ½ cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice and ½ cup of extra virgin olive oil. Chase it with a little water, but don’t dilute it too much. When you go to bed, we want first to allow some of this mixture to enter and lubricate the bile duct, then to allow the gallbladder to expel and drain. Lay on your right side for about an hour to let gravity draw the fluids into the duct, then shift to your left side for the remainder of the night. People often report feeling feverish, nauseous, or having headaches, weird dreams, chills, etc. With proper conditioning, symptoms should be lessened; however, you are clearing out some pretty nasty toxins and maybe gallstones that exceed ¼ inch in diameter through a duct that was designed for fluids only. If you are the curious type, watch your bowel elimination the following morning for greenish to brownish solid gallstones, mostly in the pea-sized range. Imagine having dozens of peas in your gallbladder and you can sense what a handicap to digestion they can be. Follow your cleanse with a mild food diet for a few days, and start including more fresh fruits and veggies, and more fiber in your diet. This cleanse can be beneficial at least once per year—call it your “spring cleaning.” (Note: All products required for this cleanse should be readily available through health food stores if you cannot find them in the supermarket.) We also like to stimulate the cleansing further by drinking a large glass of lukewarm water (20 to 32 ounces) to which we have added some fresh squeezed lemon juice, a little maple syrup, some sea salt, and a little cayenne pepper. The exact quantities of what you add do not have to be precise, as this will tend to flush through your system in less than a half hour, bringing with it any residue that has been purged from the liver and gallbladder.

Copyright 2005© Dallin Wall

Potato Pack–A Simple Respiratory Home Remedy

I live in a soup bowl! The Salt Lake City area rests between two ranges of mountains. In the winter time this creates temperature inversions during the winter that can last a few weeks. Our air right now is pretty bad, and people are complaining about what is happening in their lungs. I can think of several herbs that can be helpful, my favorite being Lobelia, which an early herbalist named Samuel Thomson, who is a hero of mine, identified as “the herb with a mind of its own.” He was trying to say that it can find the ailment and assist the body in remedying it.
Actually, that is not the topic of this post, only a bonus. There is an old-time remedy that is very helpful in clearing the respiratory system, including lungs, bronchiols, and even sinuses. It’s really simple. Shred some potatoes, including the skins, and apply to the chest area (You could also use this on either side of the nose for sinuses). Cover with a cloth, and if you are putting it on your chest, then cover with a blanket. Rest, and allow the body to absorb nutrients from the potatoes, and the potatoes to absorb toxins through the skin. This will also tend to loosen mucous which your body will then expel through coughing and other natural means of elimination.
Now, if you were also to apply some lobelia in an extract or as a tea to the chest or sinus area, along with the potatoes, you will have a cure that has both eyes and a mind of its own–practically another person. (Sorry, couldn’t resist) Blessings to all, and let’s bring health home where it belongs! THE HERBMASTERPOTATOES

Gluten Free for Everyone? The Jury’s still out!

Gluten-Free is one of the “buzz” terms current in the nutritional industry. Most of us do not take the time to really research what is being said, or sold, to determine if they should have a personal concern. I decided to do a little research myself, and provide you with the results. I’ve found out some very interesting things. Let’s start with a couple of facts.
1) The hoopla about gluten originates from the fact that some people are born with or develop allergies to certain proteins (important to realize that an allergy is EXCLUSIVELY a reaction to a protein or proteins, other reactions to non-proteins are sensitivities, not allergies). This allergy is called celiac, or coeliac. Some people are considered sensitive to gluten who are not classified as allergic. Symptoms suffered by those who are sensitive or allergic include indigestion, intestinal gas, and diarrhea, with some severe sufferers experiencing other symptoms such as skin rashes, etc.
2) Glutein is a protein compound consisting primarily of two types of proteins–gliadins and and glutenins. The one that primarily sets of the reaction in those affected by celiac is gliadin. Gluten is found primarily in wheat, and to a lesser degree in rye and barley. The gluten proteins are used by the body to break down to amino acids, the building blocks of body cells and tissues. Gluten proteins are not sources of the essential amino acids, which means that the components our bodies require can be obtained or synthesized from other food products.
3) Not everyone has celiac or gluten sensitivity. The best estimates I have found indicate that about 1 in 133 people in the U.S. have celiac, but the number of people who are sensitive to gluten may be as much as 15% of the U.S. population.

So now you have the basic facts, but that’s not the interesting part. We have established that gluten has nutritional value that can be used by those who are not sensitive to gluten. I’m going to now share two paragraphs that present two different sides to whether a non-sensitive person should consume products containing gluten (or at least cut back on that consumption).
1) PRO-GLUTEN ARGUMENTS–With any “buzz” term, you need to track the money. I decided to buy a loaf of gluten =-free bread this past week. It isn’t all that healthy, with the carbohydrate content coming from refined starches, and a very low fiber content (1 gram per slice). By contrast, my normal 100% whole wheat bread does in fact have whole grains and 6 grams of fiber per slice. Now the kicker–my normal bread is between $2.50 and $3.50 per loaf, my gluten-free loaf was $7.00. Yes the ingredients are more expensive, but I would estimate that the profit margin is still between two and three times that of my other healthy loaf of bread. We have to look at profit in all things, including who is posting information about why everyone should be switching to gluten-free, and one of the key reviews posted was from a company that produces gluten-free products. Their information may be valid, or it may be slanted to sell products, but it becomes suspect because of the source. Many of the gluten-free products I have examined on the shelves appear not to offer superior nutrition or ingredients, they just don’t have gluten in them.
2) ANTI-GLUTEN ARGUMENTS–Folks, the wheat we consume today ain’t our grandparents wheat. Genetic engineering is not particularly concerned with long-term effects and concerns, they are hired by industries to increase yield and profits. Today we are consuming high-yield wheat, to which we could apply today’s vernacular and say that it is “wheat on steroids.” Now we know what happens to athletes on steroids, and it appears that maybe we are seeing how that affects us, three generations later. The best evidence I have found from studies indicates that people today are four times more likely to have some level of gluten sensitivity than they were 60 years ago, before high-yield wheat. Additionally, it is being alleged that this high-yield wheat may be a strong contributor to obesity, and those who adopt a gluten-free diet are experiencing significant appetite reduction and weight loss without modifying other aspects of their daily regimen.
So we have provided you with some pros and cons to gluten. While I think the jury is still out, and I may not personally eliminate gluten from my diet, I am going to actively look for ways to reduce the consumption of gluten-containing foods. Certainly if you have sensitivity, or suspect that you might, testing a diet without gluten would be advisable. For the rest of us, perhaps Buddha had the right idea with his middle path philosophy. Let’s create a term for this approach–let’s call it the “Low-G” diet. Blessings to all, may you bring health home where it belongs.–THE HERBMASTERgluten free

The Urgent Need for Natural Health

Healthy FoodsHave you watched television lately? Have you noticed the number of television ads for prescription medications that are being run? Have you actually paid attention to the fact that 50% of each of these ads is devoted to warnings regarding the potential dangers of taking the medication? Let me alert you to two things that may have run past without you taking notice.
1) The mention that in testing some fatalities occurred. That means that people died in bringing the product to market. I’m not sure what the FDA considers to be an acceptable fatality rate, but will still allow a drug to go to market, but this concerns me alot.
2) The mention that if you have had any liver problems, you should not take this product. The liver is the body’s poison control center. What the ad has just told you is that this product is poison, and if your liver is not capable of handling a regular poisoning dose, then you should not take the product.
I don’t know about you, but YEOUWCH! That hurts me to realize that pharmaceutical companies are regularly producing poisons, that have the capability of killing people, and are so potent in doing so that they must be administered by doctors, and have to come with 15 seconds of warnings just to appear on television. And yet people dutifully go to their doctors to get a piece of paper that says they are okay to take poison.
Now I don’t want to drill this too heavily, this blog is meant to be a positive place with valuable information that will help you. At The Herbmasters, we only work with items that have been classified by the Food and Drug Administration as food products. And if used prudently, these products are as safe as any other food. (I say prudently, because I am aware of a man who died from trying to subsist entirely on cheese until he had completely blocked his digestive tract–but you kind of have to work at it to harm yourself with foods).
Since having become active with The Herbmasters, my discovery is that the world in general is losing faith in a medical system that is not working well for them. Almost everyone I speak with has used some natural products, and believes that they have gained benefit from them. And those who have committed to a more natural way of life are discovering new levels of health and reasonable costs associated with it. It should not be expensive to maintain or regain health. We believe that a healthy mind, body, and spirit are god-given rights, and that everyone should be able to achieve them through simple means.
Our objective with The Herbmasters is to bring health home where it belongs. It used to be that families knew how to deal with common illnesses and other first aid and medical needs. They had to be because doctors, medicines, and hospitals were not as accessible. These days, greater access has made people more dependent upon medical professionals. We are not saying that people should never use conventional medical assistance, but we believe that having the confidence to deal with most of the things that your family will encounter empowers you in every situation. And that is a good thing.
In future blogs, we will be sharing with you a diverse set of information that will assist you to become confident and prepared. Please use this information, and we welcome your comments and suggestions for blog posts. It is our greatest wish that you and your family enjoy greater health as a result of our efforts.