The Five Rules to Drinking Water

About 60% of the adult human body is water (although I know some people who are probably 60% Mountain Dew). Our bodies use this water for a variety of purposes, and one of the most important of these is to help control the passage and utilization of nutrients and removal of toxins. Can you imagine what would happen to our bodies if the supply lines were suddenly stopped? Having sufficient water in our system is so important that we become thirsty when we have lost only 2 to 3% of our body’s water content.
It would probably be redundant to spend a long time discussing the importance of water. We have all been taught all our lives how important it is to drink plenty of water–8 glasses per day, how many times have we heard that? Do you really drink more than 64 ounces of water per day? What if I told you that it is one of the two most important things you can do to insure long-term health? (Of course, your first question would be, what’s the other one, and the answer is “Chew Your Foods Thoroughly.”)
The real subject of this article is to provide you with the five rules to drinking water. These will be self-explanatory:
RULE 1–Water means water. Other drinks do not count toward your water consumption. In fact, the following drinks should actually incur a water penalty because you will require more water to flush out the negative effects of these liquids: sodas, coffee, tea, sugary drinks, alcohol. Even though some of these other drinks may have some health benefits, they introduce acidic residue into the system that must be diluted.
RULE 2–Drink your water at any time other than with meals–when having a meal, the most important thing is good digestion, and that requires concentrated digestive fluids that should not be diluted. From the beginning of the meal to about 60 minutes after the meal, consumption of water should be limited. Chew foods more thoroughly rather than washing them down with water.
RULE 3–Use the best quality of water possible–Impurities in the water must be dealt with by our bodies, so use a high quality source of water, preferably a source that you control, or know what quality control measures are used in production. Debates are constantly raging over the different methods of water purification that are used, I actually like to alternate between distilled and reverse osmosis processing because I believe that both methods offer some advantages and disadvantages. And we strongly advise against regular use of individual bottles of water–they contain many impurities, and the amount of waste packaging is enormous.
RULE 4–Quantity trumps quality–As important as it is to find and use high quality water sources, do not starve yourself from water because you don’t have access to YOUR water. Body functions have to continue, and our bodies are good at dealing with that stuff from the water fountain or tap if that happens to be the only water available. So drink the available water, then figure out how to have a supply of YOUR water more readily available for the future.
RULE 5–Use naturally alkaline water–Our bodies tend to be too acidic, a result of stress, and over use of animal based and processed food products that leave an acidic residue in the body. My distilled water is naturally alkalized. They also play harmonic music 24 hrs a day in the room with the water storage container. When I drink this water, I know that I am drinking something that had thought and care put into it, the distillery is the same unit used in United States Embassies around the world.
To summarize, if the product we use to replace our body’s most abundant substance is carefully chosen to supply the best quality possible, if we consume enough quantity for our body to do its supply, cleansing, maintenance, and healing work, and we use a naturally alkaline water to help balance our body’s pH, then how much less work do you think will be required on other fronts to keep us healthy, or to restore health? The answer should be obvious, so I am drinking a toast right now to your health with my amazingly high quality water, and feeling great doing it. May your health always be your greatest wealth. Dallin–The Herbmasterpure water

Fevers Always Have the Same Cause

child illness
I am about to enter dangerous ground. This could even be my last blog post, depending on how my daughter reacts. I might be “done in” by her, as I think it is possible that this subject matter might be even more embarrassing than showing naked baby pictures in the bathtub to your daughter’s new boyfriend. I am about to talk about bowel movements.
When Azlyn was very young, still in diapers, her mother and I were in the process of divorcing. I went to pick her up at her mother’s house one Saturday, and on the 30 minute ride to my house, she began complaining about a headache, and I felt her forehead to discover that she was feverish.
We arrived at my place, and she was sluggish and whiney, and hot and sweaty. Based on my experience as an herbalist, I knew that if she had a fever, her elimination was blocked up. I made a mild tea with catnip herb, stripped her down, gave her an enema using a small syringe, then put her diaper back on, wrapped her in a soft blanket, and held her, while kind of bouncing her on my leg.
Within a few minutes, I heard what I expected coming out, and changed her diaper. In checking the contents (yes, as herbalists, we do that kind of thing), I discovered some really solid material, and some very watery material. A part of the solid material was an incredibly bright green, like neon green that made up a fairly large part of the solid material. It was obviously NOT normal waste material, it looked more like green slime from Ghostbusters or Aliens movies, only solid.
I repeated the enema/diaper/bouncing procedure once more, and all we got was the watery stuff, so it looked like we had cleared out the blockage, and now Azlyn was relaxed, the fever was basically gone, and all she wanted to do was rest for a little while. And in an hour, her energy was right back up to normal (hyper) and she was ready to go have some fun.
While she rested, I called her mom and asked: “Have you been giving Azlyn bright green gum?” She asked me to hold for a minute, then came back and said that they had given her gum the day before, little pieces, but she kept coming back and asking for more, and they kept giving her more. So the gum had evidently been chewed only a few times, then swallowed. She was pretty young, and the concept of chewing gum was a little advanced for her.
If you haven’t ascertained the point of this, I have dealt with fevers many times, with many different people. The most recent was yesterday, with myself. And I have found consistently, that if a fever exists, it is because the main channel of elimination is compromised, or clogged. That is the colon. Typically the urinary system is not equipped to step in and fill the mob of the colon, so the body starts enlisting other channels of elimination, which includes sweating through the skin, and raising the body’s temperature to oxidize some of the waste at the cellular level.
If we will simply concentrate on clearing and cleansing the colon when a fever arrives, the fever will abate, the temperature will return to normal fairly quickly, and our energy will return much more rapidaly. For me yesterday, I only was out of commission from morning until early evening, and today I feel much better. I used some Herbal Cleanse Caps, some Pura-Cleanse, and kept my diet to mildly steamed veggies and some soup, which are easily digested and cleared out. And I only began eating again when my appetite returned, which was late in the afternoon.
So, with apologies to Azlyn for sharing this story, I hope that next time you have a fever, you will remember the bright green gum, and will work on opening your intestinal elimination rather than taking medications that are only designed to mask the symptoms rather than treating the core condition. May your health always be your greatest wealth. Dallin–The Herbmaster.

Now That’s Got Sole!

Here’s kind of a quick little suggestion for those of you who do not necessarily like taking a bunch of supplement pills. There are many ways for nutrients to enter our bodies, one of the really effective ones is through the skin, especially the bottoms of the feet.
Many of you are familiar with reflexology, essentially accupressure on the feet or hands. Many nerve endings are found in the soles of our feet, and applying an essential oil, herbal extract, or strong herbal tea to the soles of the feet and rubbing it in will contact those nerve endings and stimulate action.
I’ve often explained to people that if you get cold feet, you can sprinkle a little cayenne pepper in your socks, and the oils will penetrate even from the powder, warming your feet. Many people report that their entire body feels warmer as a result.
To be even more effective, use a reflexology chart to determine the specific location that you want to reach, and when you massage the oil/extract/tincture/tea into that area, use some pretty firm and deep pressure, as this activates those nerve endings that are deep below the skin.
I’m unsure if the chart I am attaching here for foot reflexology is capable of being enlarged and readable. If not, there are several locations online where you can find one of these charts for your use. There are also charts for the palms of the hands, which are slightly less concentrated in the appropriate nerve endings, but are way more accessible than yanking off your shoes and socks in the middle of a business meeting. Either way, wishing that your health will always be your greatest wealth! Dallin–The Herbmasterreflexology

What’s on Your Refrigerator?

magnet 1
I saw a refrigerator magnet today that said: “Worrying Really Works–90% of the things I worry about NEVER HAPPEN!” Don’t you love it?
If a person were to come to my house, regardless of what I have put up, or taken down, they will always see a University of Utah Red Rocks Gymnastics team schedule for the current or upcoming year, a picture of an amazing chapel located in Sedona Arizona, and a magnet that says: “The trouble with trouble is it always starts out as fun.” Don’t know why, but that always tickles me to read it.
A good friend of mine has little love notes from her grandchildren on her refrigerator–very sweet.
My mother is an amazing lady. She is single handedly keeping the U.S. Post office in business by sending out letters, cards, and little gifts to friends and family members. She and my step-father are both 80 years old, and going strong, and I love them to pieces.
My mother’s refrigerator has a calendar with all her family’s birth dates listed on it. They added a new listing yesterday for another new great grandchild.
On my mother’s refrigerator for many years was a little notebook page on which she had written the words: “This too shall pass.” I always took that as my mother’s maxim for getting through the rough spots in life, and I’m sure that is what it is. But one day as I was air conditioning the entire house by holding the refrigerator door open while looking for a snack, it suddenly struck me that this statement had an application related to food, and yes, we do hope that everything we eat will eventually pass, otherwise we are well on our way to inflating like a balloon.
In my years in natural health, and the many presentations I’ve done related to healthy elimination, I have recommended to thousands of people that they adopt my mother’s saying in regard to health, nutrition, and especially challenges–they all do pass, and change is the only constant in life.
So what’s on your refrigerator? I would welcome your inspiring refrigerator postings, or even something with a little humor or sweetness associated with it. So post a response, let us share in the words of wisdom from your fridge.
May your health always be your greatest wealth–Dallin, The Herbmaster

Burn, Cut, and Poison

‘How can that which will kill a well rat, cure a sick man. For when a farmer wishes to kill a well rat, he will poison him with arsenic, strychnine, and calomel. And when a doctor wishes to cure a sick man, he will administer arsenic, strychnine, and calomel.’ I apologize that this is a very rough paraphrase, I cannot remember the exact words, but this was published by an early herbalist in the United States, Samuel Thomson, around 1830. It was a reaction to the medical techniques of the time, and how his mother had died under a doctor’s care using this type of technique. Needless to say, he was against the techniques of the day, and had more to say about what he referred to as the burn, but and poison technique.
Burn refers to a technique of applying a hot iron to the skin in order to eliminate symptoms of illnesses. It was relatively effective in the short term in making symptoms go away, since it basically put the person’s system into shock, and created a more high priority problem for the body to solve. So a cough or sniffles isn’t as dire to our body as a 2nd or 3rd degree burn.
Cut is a reference bloodletting and the practice of making cuts in the skin to let out the illness. Once again, these produced a weakened state in the body, which would temporarily cause symptoms to go away, and this was what doctors called curing a patient. Unfortunately, when the same symptoms returned in a few weeks, this was treated as a separate illness, rather than the body regaining enough strength to try again in purging toxins using that cough, or those sniffles.
Poison we have already used Samuel Thomson’s words to explain. To summarize these techniques, the frontier was a rough land, and the methods used by doctors were equally rough. A lot of patients were lost through the cure, rather than the problem.
Most of us thank our lucky stars that we were not born in those times that seem almost barbaric, and view our modern medical techniques as being much more advanced and humane. Unfortunately, I have set you up for what is coming next. This is a sequel to the article “Cancer–Revolution in the body.” And now I’d like to talk about modern cancer treatment.
We do not use the burn technique, we use radiation, which literally burns the body from the inside out.
We do not use the cut technique, we use surgery. At least the knife and the operating room are sterile these days.
We do not use the poison technique, we use chemotherapy. Toxic enough that if your liver (the body’s poison control center) is weakened, they will not use chemotherapy. And doesn’t it make your hair fall out? Some cure!
Oh, and though it does not apply to cancer, you may find this interesting. The active ingredient in Decon, which is used to kill well rats today, is also called coumadin, used as a blood thinner in numerous circulatory based illnesses. It would be nice to say, “We’ve come a long way baby” but unfortunately, unless you start looking for alternatives, we really haven’t.
Now I’m mostly a positive person, and it does not really please me to bear this kind of news. But I will use what I need in order to shock you enough that you will open your mind to alternatives rather than blindly accepting what has been told or taught to us.
I live in a world of choices and alternatives where we can choose how we manage our own health. The important thing to realize is that we do need to manage it, rather than simply reacting to health problems when they come along. We offer the ounce of prevention, but you may choose to buy the pound of cure.
In the blogpost mentioned above, we talked about how the preventive course is basically the same whether you are avoiding a disease, or assisting your body to eliminate it. The only difference would be the intensity of the actions, shifting from maintenance levels to therapeutic levels.
Hippocrates is considered the father of modern medicine, but his procedures were more closely aligned to alternative health professionals. Every new doctor must take the Hippocratic oath, which basically pledges them to follow the Hippocratic method, which begins with nutrition, then, if necessary, drugs (Hippocrates drugs were what today we call herbs, whole food products rather than isolated chemicals, which produce harsh results rather than balanced effects), and as a last resort surgery (elective surgeries and cosmetic surgeries would not be considered as acceptable if one strictly adheres to the Hippocratic Oath). Finally, Hippocrates core statement for all doctors was, “First, do no harm!”
Have I shocked you enough? May we now move on to interesting but positive posts for awhile? If so, then we return to our greatest wish for you, “May your health always be your greatest wealth!” Dallin–The Herbmasternatural remedies

Cancer–Revolution in Your Body!

Individual body cells are incredibly intelligent. If, in any way you dispute that, let’s place you in a lab and see how well you do with creating complex chemical compounds, or a regulated oxidation process.
The idea that cancer is an organized rebellion against tyranny inside your body may be a new concept–I certainly have not heard anyone teach it, and I originated the theory I’m about to describe on my own, so if anyone else feels that I am borrowing from their work, it is purely co-incidental.
This “Cancer Revolution” theory will also provide you with a more complete understanding of why current medical research will never find a cure for cancer. The simple answer is that they are “barking up the wrong tree,” but let’s give a clearer enumeration of what is happening. The following information is provided with sincere apologies to individuals who are truly dedicated to finding a cure for cancer. The motives of organizations are not always the same as those of individuals:
1) Cancer research is about money, NOT cures! Cancer research receives money from taxpayers, and from private contributions, the amounts appear to be in the tens of billions per year just for cancer, not including heart disease, diabetes, etc.
2) Even more important is that the obvious is being ignored in research because there’s not much money in it for the AMA, hospitals, and drug companies who are unwilling to invest money into projects that cannot pay for themselves in the end. And preventative approaches for both avoidance and cure do not result in expensive machines, procedures, and medications that will remunerate the billions that it costs to conduct comprehensive studies with proper corroboration. Once again, budgets trump compassion.
With this preface, the “Cancer Revolution” theory originated for me when I had some live blood cell analysis done years ago. It is very sobering to view cancer cells in your own bloodstream in your mid-twenties; however, it was explained to me that everyone has cancer cells in their system, but that does not mean that you have cancer. Having cancer would officially be defined as the state when cancer cell growth consistently exceeds the capacity of the body to eliminate or destroy them.
With this simple explanation, we have already explained how to avoid and cure cancer. If our body has ways to eliminate or destroy cancer cells, support and enhance those means. I guess I could end the article here, because it is just that simple, but I won’t. I promised you a tale of intrigue involving political machinations, and conspiratorial rebellion against tyranny, and I am going to deliver. So now the plot thickens.
It is no secret that most of us aren’t exactly kind to our bodies. We breathe air that is polluted, consume water and foods that are laden with organic and chemical toxins, do little to support healthy elimination, don’t exercise enough, live stressed lives, and foster unhealthy attitudes. In short, if we were the ruler of a body kingdom, we overtax our people, and do not provide enough services in return. In the political world, we call that a despot.
In my live blood cell analysis, it was explained to me that once a normal cell metastasizes to become a cancer cell, its metabolic processes change. In fact, they are rather closely resemblant of plant cells in their processes, a rather imperfect copy.
Returning to the original statement in this post regarding the intelligence of body cells, I had one of those moments of enlightenment–is it possible that cells metastasize as a response to a harmful environment, and that they actually choose to replicate, as closely as possible, the most healthy organism that they have come in contact with–a PLANT?
Is it possible that our body cells have become so fed up with our despotic rule that they have gone into outright rebellion in order to attempt to set up a different kind of government–a plant government inside of a human body? And that when more and more cells metastasize and divide, forming tumors, that these are rebellious citizens of our body who are attempting to stage a coup and overthrow a terrible dictatorship? And that this terrible dictator is actually US–you and me?
I don’t happen to have an extra billion dollars lying around to conclusively test and prove this theory. But sometimes a penny’s worth of common sense is more valuable to human lives than a billion dollars worth of research. I’ve got a penny, and more importantly, we all have common sense. And the work being done by complementary and alternative health practitioners focuses on the preventive approach to restoring health in those with cancer.
And what is that preventive approach? Whether you have cancer, or want to avoid it, you take preventive measures by doing the right things to build your body systems and avoiding the wrong things that destroy it. Health is the natural state of the body. If you become a great ruler, your body will respond, because the citizens (cells) of your body will no longer be overtaxed, and they will be receiving the necessities to thrive and flourish. (Hint: This same approach works with all dis-ease conditions, not just cancer.) May your health always be your greatest wealth! Dallin–the Herbmaster

Nerve Re-Leaf!

This post could also be be named “A Tale of Two Herbs” since I’m going to tell you stories about the background of two herbs. So put on your footsie PJ’s and get a cup of warm tea, then settle down in your coziest chair to read on. And the conclusion of this blog is an explanation of a new extract we are currently testing that I think would be fun to call “Nerve Re-Leaf.”
The first tale is the story of an herb called White Willow Bark. This herb has a long history of use–in Egypt, for inflammation, and was even written about by Hippocrates in the 2nd century B.C. as a febrifuge (reduces fevers). Indications are that Lewis and Clark used white willow bark for various ailments on their expedition in 1803.
German Scientists in the early 1800′s identified a specific compound they classified as the key active ingredient named salicin. Testing showed that salicin is an effective analgesic, or pain reliever, with anti-inflammatory properties. Cool stuff, only a bit expensive to extract; however, public demand grew rapidly. Work began on a synthetic, and German labs produced salicylic acid. Unlike salicin, salicylic acid was very harsh on the stomach, and frequently caused ulceration. In the mid-1800′s, a less harsh version was developed, named acetylsalicylic acid (yet still harsh enough to cause ulceration and even poisoning in some people). The Bayer drug and dye company in Germany used this acetylsalicylic acid to produce a product they named aspirin, and you pretty much know the rest of the story. But keep in mind that a viable natural product had been produced from white willow bark, and one that had thousands of years of documented history from at least three different cultures, and was endorsed by the Father of Modern Medicine, Hippocrates. (Note: Thanks to Wikipedia and Cathy Wong,, for details that I did not know on this story.
The second tale is the story of Lobelia Inflata, or simply Lobelia. This herb is also referred to as Indian Tobacco (does anyone else find it ironic that we call Lobelia Indian Tobacco, but the native Americans also introduced us to a more common product that is just called tobacco? Why don’t we call that Indian Tobacco?), which native Americans smoked to relieve asthmatic conditions and other respiratory and nerve distress. An early herbalist, who is one of my heroes, Samuel Thomson, wrote about this herb extensively in his “New Guide to Health, or Botanic Family Physician.” The herb has been identified as “the thinking herb” due to its ability to find the specific areas of need and facilitate healing, sometimes producing exactly opposite effects (for example, it can act as an emetic if your system is filled with toxins that need expulsion, or sooth and relax a troubled stomach if that is the action that is needed). Lobelia is particularly effective with the nervous system, assisting in soothing and restoring nervous balance.
It has long been my desire to bring these two herbs together, marrying the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of white willow bark with the even more broadly ranging characteristics of lobelia inflata

white willowlobelia. At one of my recent herbal hours, we created a sample batch of a white willow bark and lobelia combination, and added a little capsicum as a catalyst, to move the product more quickly to the body to reach the desired location. Being an alcohol extract also affords easy absorption for topical application.
We have sampled out some bottles of this product, and would actually like to have a few more people trying it if you are local to our area, and would be willing to supply written documentation regarding your results.

Natural First Aid Kit

natural first aid kit
A couple of months ago, I created a natural first aid kit. I do not call it an all natural first aid kit because I have included super glue, which I do not think by any means could be classified as a natural remedy, but since superglue was originally developed to be used on battle fields as a quick way to stop bleeding, I felt that since, in an emergency, we are more concerned with results than means, this should be an essential. Quite honestly, I am hoping that readers will submit their suggestions for additions or substitutions, let’s create the best natural first aid kit possible.
Natural First Aid Kit

1) Duct Tape–Bandages, bleeding, tourniquets, slings, etc.
2) Gauze
3) Bandana–sling, cordage, bleeding, etc.
4) Aloe Vera Gel–Burns, open wounds, mouth sores, mix with slippery elm for poultices
5) Lobelia Extract–Alcohol base–nerves, lungs, emetic, soothing muscular rub, kills germs
6) Slippery Elm Capsules–Bites, stings, fiber, stomach, makes nutritious pudding, safe for babies consumption
7) White Willow Bark Capsules–Natural analgesic
8) Cayenne–Shock, blood flow
9) Catnip–Fevers, stomach, nerves, safe for babies consumption
10) Essential Oils–Antiseptic, assorted external uses
11) Ginger Root–Motion Sickness, stomach
12) Moleskin
13) Elastic Bandage
14) Bandaids
15) Tea Bags–Swelling, bleeding, bites, stings, skin, mouth and eye irritations, moisten and apply
16) Tampons/Maxi-pads–In addition to obvious usage, great for padding, gauze substitute
17) Surgical knife
18) Super glue–Apply as a liquid bandage, used by U.S. Military
19) Safety Pins–Fasten Sling, sharp point like a needle
20) Alcohol–We use grain neutral spirits which can be used externally, or internally
21) Lighter–Sterilization
22) Scissors
23) Tweezers
24) Saline–Rinsing and cleaning wounds
natural first aid kit