About Us

About Us

The Herbmasters actually began about 35 years ago when Dallin Wall was first exposed to herbs in Southeast Asia. Having used some herbal products sold in little packets that could be poured into hot water to make a tea, and that were very helpful for indigestion, colds, and other intermittent health conditions, Dallin returned to the United States a couple of years later, thinking that would be the end of that.

A few years later, after getting married, Dallin and his new bride returned home from their honeymoon, and the next morning Dallin woke up with canker sores throughout his mouth, and down his throat into the esophagus. They were everywhere – terribly painful and nothing seemed to help. Dallin remembers counting with his tongue everything that he could reach, and coming up with more than 50 throbbing, burning bumps just inside his mouth. Dallin’s grandmother, an RN, brought a variety of items recommended by doctors, including antibiotics to be opened up and applied directly to the mouth.

After more than 10 days of constant pain, little sleep, and consuming nothing but water, Dallin was looking at a wedding gift received from his wife’s aunt, a couple of herbal products and a little newspaper-like list of herbs and what they are good for. Among the listed items were red raspberry leaves, with a list of uses that included canker sores. It turned out that red raspberry leaves in a dried form were one of the two herbal products they had received as a gift. Liz, Dallin’s wife, was happy to try making them into a tea, which Dallin carefully sipped and found to be soothing. It was the first positive thing that he had consumed in 10 days.

Within a matter of minutes of consuming the tea, most of the throbbing and burning pain had disappeared. A couple of hours later, he drank a second cup and had the first restful night’s sleep since the problem appeared. By morning, most of the canker sores had disappeared.

This began his search to learn more about these herbs, and how they work, which later turned into a position where Dallin created a training program on herbal products for a large international herb company called Nature’s Sunshine. Dallin also became a Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC), a certified Iridologist, Kinesiologist, Educational Kinesiologist, Ayurvedic Herbalist, Touch for Health practitioner and studied massage and bodywork techniques, Chinese herbs, chiropractic methodologies, anatomy and chemistry along the way. Dallin has given hundreds of group presentations to a variety of nationalities as a keynote speaker on nutrition and herbs, and was a featured speaker at the National Health Federation annual convention in Pasadena, California.

Dallin also worked with his second wife, Judy, in formulating some herbal formulas, offering nutritional consultations, offering an herbalist certification program, founding AMIracle Health, creating an herbal mixing and packaging facility, and creating a syndicated radio program, “Health, Harmony, and Vitality.” After a hiatus from working with herbs, Dallin has finally consolidated his vast experience with herbs into a new book, “The Herbmasters Guidebook.” This book simplifies the understanding of what herbs are, and how they work in our bodies. Using a four element model, Dallin has broken the active constituents of herbs into four categories, making it possible to deal with virtually any health condition using a handful of different herbs. The Herbmasters Guidebook teaches you how to become an herbmaster by mastering the 12 herbs that are discussed extensively in the book.

Soon to be followed by two separate Herbal Kits, the Herbmasters Kit, and the Herbmasters Travel Kit, plus a daily cleansing product, the Herbmasters will also feature training programs, a blog, and even nutritional consultations for budding herbmasters. The Herbmasters is currently building a team of trained individuals to work with throughout the country, and internationally.

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