Avoiding the “Whites”

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There are so many different approaches to having a healthy food intake, and for all of them you can find evidence and often studies that support each approach. Oddly, some of the information is actually contradictory.
One dietary recommendation that seems to come up regularly in natural health is to avoid “white” foods. Depending on whose list you read, the actual whites can vary, but generally include the following:
1) White Flour Products–Most of the nutrients have been removed, and the 5 or so that are replaced are not in highly assimilable form. Diets that include large amounts of white flour leave the body malnourished. Additionally, the residue from white flour tends to solidify and impact the intestinal tract. Whole grain replacements should be used.
2) Refined/white Sugar–Refined sugar, and other highly processed sugar products, such as high fructose corn syrup upset blood sugar balance and feed yeast colonies that can infest body systems. Replace with honey, agave, stevia, or other natural or whole sugars, and use in small quantities.
3) White Rice–Like White flour, this is a refined starch containing little nutrition, adversely affects blood sugar, and produces unhealthy residue in the intestines. Replace with whole brown rice and basmati rice.
4) refined/White Salt–Excess sodium is corrosive to body systems, and affects blood pressure. Refined salt has been demineralized and has little nutritional value. Sodium products should be used in small quantities, and refined salt should be replaced with mineral salt.
5) Milk–Milk and other dairy products, contrary to advertising, are not good sources of calcium or other nutrients. Cows milk is food for baby cows, not people. Like the refined products listed above, dairy tends to clog eliminative systems, and cause the body to produce an overabundance of mucous. Milk and other dairy products neutralize stomach acid, and cause the body not to be able to assimilate calcium. Use almond milk and other vegetable based substitutes.
6) Potatoes–Potatoes are a simple starch rather than a complex carbohydrate, and affect blood sugar, while leaving starchy residue in the system. Actually, if you throw out 90% of the potato and consume only the potato skin, you will be eating a rather healthy food with a lot of nutrients, but unfortunately, most people throw out the skin and eat the unhealthy part.
An interesting result of avoiding the whites is that you will eliminate most of the “craving” foods that tend to cause people to gain weight or have difficulty in losing it. This one modification tends to cause people to be able to more easily achieve optimum weight without counting calories or ordering special meals. May your health always be your greatest wealth. Dallin–The Herbmaster

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