Nutritional Consultations

Nutritional Consultations–In person or remote nutritional consultations are available with Dallin Wall—The Herbmaster.

Included in the in-person consultations will be a health background and concerns dialogue, leading to comprehensive iridology and kinesiology evaluations, and a printed list of dietary, supplemental, and lifestyle suggestions will be supplied. Some nutritional supplements are available through our office for an additional charge. Remote consultations do not include iridology evaluation.

Nutritional Consultations: $75 (In Person), $65 (Remote).


Iridology is an evaluation of the iris of the eye as a map of the organs and systems of the body. It has been said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, it turns out they are also the windows of the body. Kinesiology is an evaluation of body responses on a neuro-muscular level to specific queries. While it operates on similar response patterns to a lie detector test, we are only going to use this system to identify root causes of body weaknesses, and how to strengthen them.

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