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Products & Services

The Herbmasters Guidebook

By Dallin Wall

Until now, mastering herbology has been an arduous and confusing process. The existing herbal books actually tend to add to this confusion by providing long alphabetized lists of herbs, and what they have traditionally been used for, followed by a long list of alphabetized health conditions, and what herbs have been used to assist these conditions. None of these books have provided a simple method for understanding and using herbs – until now.

The Herbmasters Guidebook begins from a premise taught by legendary herbalist John Christopher that one can become a master of herbs simply by thoroughly learning to work with about a dozen different herbs. The author has accepted that challenge, and provided a model that shows how herbal actions can basically be broken down into four categories, then comprehensively covering a strong, moderate, and mild herb in each of the four categories.

The purpose of The Herbmasters Guidebook is to help make the use of herbs as common and comfortable as the herbs themselves. Among herbalists, we have a common joke that the cure for your ailment is probably something that you step on every day. There used to be an advertisement on television that ended with the tag line “Doctor Mom Approved.” We’d like to change that tagline to “Doctor Mom Goes Natural.”

Included in The Herbmasters Guidebook are many “recipes” for herbal formulas, herbal extracts, tinctures, syrups, and other herbal concoctions that are simple and useful. Our rule of thumb is that we can get you into action with these products in eight minutes or less, so if you have a home “booboo,” or something more serious, you’re ready with herbal first aid, or long-term aid. Whether you are looking for something to add to your home storage and survival, or a well prepared system for dealing with both acute and chronic conditions, The Herbmasters Guidebook draws from the historical uses of herbs, combined with a chemically sound scientific approach to herb usage. We don’t treat symptoms, we provide tools to our bodies to keep and restore health.


$12.95 Published Edition,
$9.95 Ebook Edition

Tapping the Divine Source–the Secret of Personal Power

By Dallin Wall and Irene Bozich

People throughout the ages have sought to find the secret to having anything you want. Alchemists have spent hours in dark cavernous laboratories attempting to obtain it. Business people have tried to buy it, professors to think it, inventors to invent it, the pious to pray for it, the metaphysicians to manifest it, and the thieves to steal it. In “Tapping the Divine Source – The Secret of Personal Power,” you will not only discover the secret, but will receive the formula and a complete seven day Program so that you can begin Tapping the Divine Source.

Drawing on principles from the creation of the world as found in Genesis, you will learn the steps of creation that can be applied to your own life in creating and achieving your greatest good. The secrets of “Tapping the Divine Source” have been used by the most successful people in every culture throughout history, and now they can be yours in seven days by following this detailed course.


$12.95 Published Edition,$9.95 Ebook Edition

Nutritional Consultations–In person or remote nutritional consultations are available with Dallin Wall—The Herbmaster.

Included in the in-person consultations will be a health background and concerns dialogue, leading to comprehensive iridology and kinesiology evaluations, and a printed list of dietary, supplemental, and lifestyle suggestions will be supplied. Some nutritional supplements are available through our office for an additional charge. Remote consultations do not include iridology evaluation.

Nutritional Consultations: $75 (In Person), $65 (Remote).


Iridology is an evaluation of the iris of the eye as a map of the organs and systems of the body. It has been said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, it turns out they are also the windows of the body. Kinesiology is an evaluation of body responses on a neuro-muscular level to specific queries. While it operates on similar response patterns to a lie detector test, we are only going to use this system to identify root causes of body weaknesses, and how to strengthen them.

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The Herbmasters Herbal Essentials Kit

The Herbal Essentials Kit contains bottles of capsulated Individual Herbs plus one Essential Oils combination. Based on the “Four Categories” principles taught in “The Herbmasters Guidebook” this kit contains mild, medium, and strong herbs that can be combined to assist our bodies in dealing with virtually any health condition. The mild herbs are specially designed to be used with children, and even babies. By following the instructions contained in “The Herbmasters Guidebook,” included with the kit, and using the enclosed “Herbmasters Ready Reference Guide,” home herbalists become instantly prepared to maintain or regain total health. Whether you are using this as a part of your emergency preparedness supplies, or as your everyday herbal health arsenal, “The Herbmasters Herbal Essentials Kit” will create both confidence and capability for those times when your family’s health needs you.

The Herbmasters Herbal Essentials Travel Kit

The Herbal Essentials Travel Kit is a convenient travel version of The Herbal Essentials Kit, containing four individual herbs and one Essential Oils combination, and based on the “Four Categories” principles taught in “The Herbmasters Guidebook.” This travel kit is small and light enough to toss into a suitcase for travel, and prepares you and your family for unexpected health issues when you are away from home. The herbal selections are mild enough for complete family use, the kit contains a special travel version of the “Herbmasters Ready Reference Guide,” so it can be used quickly and conveniently when needed. Whether you’re off on safari, or a weekend visit to grandma’s house, why not go prepared?

The Herbmasters Home Herbalist Certification Training Program

This training program epitomizes the intent of The Herbmasters – “Bringing Health Home Where it Belongs.” Using “The Herbmasters Guidebook” as the companion text, this online program includes over 6 hours of audio/visual training with Dallin Wall – The Herbmaster. This program will provide a comprehensive education on the following topics:

  • How Herbs Work
  • The Four Categories of Herbs
  • Herbal Products and Body Systems
  • Herbal Recipes – Simple and effective Herb combinations
  • General Cleansing and other Universal Applications of Herbs
  • Making herbal teas, extracts, tinctures, poultices, and syrups
  • The Herbmasters Home Herbalist Certification requirements and examination

Graduates of “The Herbmasters Home Herbalist Certification Training Program who also purchase “The Herbmasters Herbal Essentials Kit” will have the tools and practical knowledge necessary to use herbal approaches to common home health challenges, and the foundational knowledge necessary to proceed to other training programs, as desired.

Additional training and certification programs will be announced at a later date.