The Waves and The Flow

deep ocean
The Ocean–world of contrasts, home of the world’s largest creatures, and its smallest, it’s most vicious and mild, where giant ships can cut through its waters supported yet free, or be dashed to pieces to end up buried in a grave under miles of deep blue.
The ocean is two worlds, above and below. The distance between these worlds is only about 20 feet or so. Above is the world of waves, a turbulent world that can change from calm to deadly in a matter of hours. The world of waves respects nothing but itself, and will reach her watery hands to grab life and property from the lands that surround her in a tidal wave or tsunami. She will buoy the swimmer, the surfer, the skiff and the sloop, then dash them against the rocks remorselessly. She is the destination of nightmares and daydreams. She is home for the son of a son of a sailor, and she never gives up her dead when the gales of November come early.
The world below is the world of flow, the world that begins as the rays of the sun begin to dim in the filtering blue. This is the land of mystery, and of perpetuity, and of silence, and of never-changing currents, land of schools, land of gentle giants, land of the eternal twilight, never wavering, and always flowing, flowing, flowing.
A few years ago, a pile of debris washed up on the California coastline. It contained fishing equipment that had sunk into the deep off the coast of Asia. Research on the contents of this mysterious find showed that the debris, had begun its journey of thousands of miles across the Pacific about 100 years ago, and had sunk below the surface to join the suboceanic flow, never once rising again to the surface, nor sinking to the bottom, always flowing for about a hundred years until it arrived, gently landed on a foreign shore, to become an historical treasure.
Life is a world of contrasts, two worlds, above and below. Daily life can be turbulent like the waves, a world of crests and troughs, that can change in a matter of hours from daydream to nightmare, or the reverse, it can buoy us up, or dash us against the rocks.
But beneath the surface of life is the world of flow, a mysterious, perpetual current that never wavers. We can choose to ride the waves, suffer the gales, or be snatched by life’s tsunamis. Or we can choose to sink gently to the land of twilight, where the flowing current will carry us forward on a journey of about a hundred years, to be gently deposited on our own foreign shore, with the treasure of a lifetime of experience surrounding us.
There will be waves, and there will be flow–but we decide which is right–and which is an illusion. May your health always be your greatest wealth. Dallin–The Herbmaster

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